Curriculum and Assessment in English 11 to 19

Curriculum and Assessment in English 11 to 19
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Curriculum and Assessment in English 11 to 19: A Better Plan provides an overview of the subject in considerable breadth and depth, and offers a clear, balanced and forceful critique of the current English curriculum and its associated examinations for 11- to 19-year-olds in England, and of developments in the area during the past thirty years. The book restates fundamental truths about how students speak, read and write English with confidence and control. It describes how English can be taught most effectively, calls for an urgent review of some aspects of the current National Curriculum and its examination arrangements, and - crucially - proposes viable alternatives. This invaluable resource for those working in English, media and drama education has a wide perspective and takes a principled and informed pedagogical approach. Based on a series of much-admired booklets released by the UKLA in 2015, this accessible guide to both theory and practice will be of interest to teachers, student teachers, teacher-educators, advisers and policy-makers in the UK and internationally.

Hem, Marit Helene; Heggen, Kristin & Brinkmann, Svend (2017). Researcher vulnerability and reflexivity in qualitative research. Groven. Spørsmålsformulering. Formulering av presise spørsmål er det første steget.

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