Nothing Up My Sleeve

Nothing Up My Sleeve
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When best friends Dominic, Loop, and Z stumble upon Conjuring Cats, a new magic shop in town, they know just how they'll spend their summer vacation -- mastering cool tricks so they can gain access to The Vault, a keyholders-only back room that is bound to hold all kinds of secrets! And once they get in, they set their sights even higher: the Texas Association of Magicians' amateur close-up competition at the end of the summer. The problem is, the trip to the competition is expensive, and it's money that each boy's family just doesn't have. Plus, the shop owners' daughter Ariel -- an all-too-confident girl their age who just so happens to be last year's winner -- will do anything to make sure the boys don't come out on top. Will they make it to the competition? And if so, at what cost? Diana Lopez's heartwarming, kid-friendly middle grade stories featuring dynamic Latino characters have made her a house favorite. Nothing Up My Sleeve's themes of friendship, family dynamics, and competition will strongly relate with young readers, and Diana's obvious love for the intricacies of real tricks and magicians through history add a thrilling extra layer.

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